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Putzmaus Mini solo head - Product #: PMPMNSpecifications for the Putzmaus® Mini tube cleaning kits are summarized below. Volume discounts are available on purchases of five kits or more. To order, please call 1-877-504-4251.


Suitable for Tube Size: Ø 34-41 mm / 1 3/8"-1 1/2" inch

Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

Air Pressure: 7-8 bars / 100-115 psi

Air Consumption: 130 Litres Per Minute / 4.6 cfm

Time Forward & Back on Tube: 19 sec. (20 foot tube)

Putzmaus Mini Set - Product #: PMMN34-41

Putzmaus Mini solo head - Product #: PMPMN


Putzmaus Mini Set - Product #: PMMN34-41Every Putzmaus® tube cleaning unit is delivered as a complete set including:

bullet.png  Metal storage case

bullet.png  3 stainless steel brushes

bullet.png  Maintenance unit (oiler and water separator)

bullet.png  Oil for compressed air

bullet.png  Regular 4m compressed air hose

bullet.png  4-6m high temperature compressed air hose

bullet.png  Tool kit

bullet.png  Safety equipment

bullet.png  Replacement parts (2 KU discs)


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